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If your resume isn’t getting the response you want, I can help.

Let’s collaborate on a personalized career transition plan.

I help professionals navigate the job search process and land roles that match their gifts, skills and abilities. I’m an experienced resume writer. I specialize in writing compelling resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. I can also help you master interview prep and job search strategies.

  • You’ll get an attention-grabbing resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that capture the attention of hiring agents.
  • Showcase your most marketable skills and prove you’re worthy of the salary and title you seek.
  • Get the encouragement and accountability you need to succeed in your job search.
  • Learn techniques to accelerate your career transition and get results FAST.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Resumes & Cover Letters

I collaborate with you to write a resume and cover letter that gets the attention of employers and lands you a job quickly. Hire me to write your resume and I can help you:

      • Develop attention-grabbing branding statements that rock your specific skills, personality and passions.
      • Increase your appeal to both computerized applicant tracking systems and humans, using keywords and clear, concise statements.
      • Emphasize the most valuable skills and accomplishments throughout your career. Demonstrate your value to employers.
      • Solve common resume problems, including career changes, employment gaps, layoffs and more.

LinkedIn Profiles

A great LinkedIn profile is a crucial part of your career transition. I’ll write your profile and advise you on successful strategies. You’ll learn to:

      • Catch the attention of recruiters and get companies to seek YOU out.
      • Identify hidden job listings.
      • Use LinkedIn to research companies, interviewers and hiring managers.
      • Ensure a confidential job search on a public site.
      • Make connections and use them to ensure your new job is a great fit.

Interview Prep & Follow-up

Together, we’ll prepare you for the interview process. You’ll learn how to:

      • Handle common interview questions.
      • Describe your accomplishments with the right level of detail.
      • Embrace your special wackiness, finding brief stories that illuminate your unique self.
      • Polish your presentation.
      • Leave a positive impression with post-interview follow-up.

Job Search Strategies

Using appropriate, current job search strategies is vital to your career transition. You’ll get:

      • Extensive resources and strategies to drive your successful transition.
      • Techniques to accelerate your job search and get results fast.
      • Help identifying your ideal role vs. “just a job.”
      • Tips on leveraging your connections in a low-key way.

Encouragement & Support

Job searches don’t have to be demoralizing. I use spirit-boosting humor to keep the process real, hopeful and laser focused! You’ll learn to:

      • Reclaim your “I got this!” attitude.
      • Drown out your inner and external critics and remove doubts about your job search.
      • Enjoy a safe and confidential space to talk about career dreams, hopes and fears.
      • Fill your job transition with hope, humor and encouragement.
      • Focus on your career aspirations and desired future.
"Hiring Kathleen Brogan was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself."
Kristine A.
Kristine A.
Education Finance Specialist

How Does This Work?

Let’s connect. We’ll have a brief conversation to determine your needs. From there, we’ll meet in person, or connect over Zoom if you are in a different location. This ensures we’re a good fit, and allows me to gather preliminary information. I’ll prepare a proposal outlining the services I think will best meet your goals.

Once you give me the go-ahead, things will move quickly. You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire about your experience and goals. I’ll complete a draft of your materials, get your feedback and make agreed upon edits.

From there, we’ll focus on job search strategies and outline a personalized career transition plan that gets results.

“Kathleen attacks her work with a sense of humor and a positive attitude. I highly recommend Kathleen as a resume writer and career coach.”
Cindy L.
Attorney Editor

Are You Ready to Make Yourself a Priority?

If you want better for yourself and are ready to do the work to get there, we should talk.

I’d love to work with you and help you define and share your accomplishments. You’ll get spectacular service and strong writing that makes you stand out from your competition.

My experience ensures you are using the latest techniques to expedite your career transition.

Why not launch the next stage of your career with renewed grit, joy and hope?


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